Hello there, I am Chinmay! I am a first second Third Fourth F I F T H year Ph.D. student working with Prof. Michael Franz at the Secure Systems and Software Lab at UC Irvine.

My primary research interests lie broadly in the area of binary analysis, compilers and low-level systems. I specifically enjoy working on topics relating to reverse engineering and program analysis.

I am working on improving the state-of-the-art in binary lifting and recompilation, and more specifically implementing general support for lifting and recompilation of multithreaded binaries. I also like to think about the challenges of IR optimization and refinement in this context.


Summer 2023 - I interned with the Vulnerability Discovery and Mitigations Research Group as a part of Qualcomm’s Product Security Team (QPSI) to find memory corruption vulnerabilities in kernel-mode driver binaries using symbolic execution. I found interesting taint flows using symbolic execution that led to the discovery of multiple critical bugs. I worked with Dr. Nilo Redini and Murali Somanchy.

Summer 2022 - I passed my Candidacy examination ! My talk described techniques for recovery of semantics from binary code with a focus on recompilation.

Summer 2021 - I interned with the Automated Reasoning Group at Amazon Web Services. I worked with the Kani Verifier (then RMC) team on research and development of a Verification-friendly Vector Stub for the Rust Standard Library. I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Nathan Chong and Dr. Daniel Schwartz-Narbonne.

Summer 2020 - I was an intern with the folks over at Vector35 during the Summer of ‘20. I worked on User-Informed Dataflow for BinaryNinja. You can read more about it here. I was primarily working with Peter LaFosse and Ryan Snyder. What an amazing experience it was !



About Me

After graduating in 2017 from NITK with a Bachelor’s Degree, I spent a couple of years working as a Security Researcher for ATD, McAfee’s Windows Sandboxing solution.

I grew up in Mumbai, India enjoying (torrential) rains and playing Cricket. I am quite passionate about music. My interests are varied and range from Classical 80s Bollywood to Melodic Death Metal. I try to (unsuccessfully) play the guitar sometimes. I also love Dota2 and have spent countless hours flaming n00bs and smashing my keyboard in rage. Despite knowing that it is “just a game”, I continue to do so.

I am always up for an interesting discussion! Mail me to get in touch.