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My problem!

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You have lost all memory of the love of your life.The only thing you know is that logging in this mysterious black-box will help you remember everything. Can you do it?


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Write up

We were given a windows executable(.exe) file. On opening it, we are prompted for an email-id and a password. On first attempts, it is tough to identify if there exists a single password for all email-id’s or if it is dynamic in nature. For a wrong combination of email-id and password, it prints “Try again” to the screen and then exits the program.

strings proves to be ineffective against it.

Now, we can disassemble to program and see that there are 3 functions in total - ‘sleep’,’GetEncryptionKey’ and ‘main’.

objdump -d reverse.exe > output.txt

If we analyse the GetEncryptionKey function , we find that it is a simple XOR cipher. We can also conclude that each element of the array(string) is XOR’ed with (0x21-i) where i is a counter which goes from 0-length of flag. But since we do not know the elements of the array, we cannot reverse engineer the flag from this data.

It checks if the ith index in string1 has data $0x70 and string2 has the data $0x71. And the next one checks if string1 has data 0x71 and string2 has data 0x70. If we translate this to ASCII we get that the elements should be p OR q, i.e if string1 has p , string2 should have q and vice-versa.

It is found that there is a 1-1 mapping between the characters of the “QWERTY” keyboard. ‘w’ is mapped to ‘o’, ‘e’ is mapped to ‘i’ and so on. The nth alphabet from the right on any row is mapped with the nth alphabet on the left of the same row.

The incrementing of the counter also suggests that the email-id and the password length have a relation. On brute-forcing a bit, we find that the username, i.e the string before the ‘@’ character in the email-id is what is compared with the password length.

On entering the correct combination of username and password, we get the flag -