PyCon 2015

from PyCon import *

Since I am a newbie in Py, I was pretty scared of attending the conference. I feared that looking at my blank face people might figure out that they had a noob lurking around. But thankfully, none of that happened.

The keynote speakers on both days were really amazing and kept the people in the hall interested till the very end. There were a wide-range of talks arranged. I was actually very happy to see that the conference was beginner-friendly and a lot of the talks were targeted at a completely novice audience. Although this had it’s upsides, it had it’s downsides as well. The speakers could not really complete an in-depth discussion of the topic they had prepared since the time alloted was only 45 minutes. But I felt that all of them put in a lot of efforts to get the ideas across in that limited time. Some of them were really interesting, especially the 5-minute lightning talks. Missed the dev-sprint though!

Free food!

I managed to get a bunch of stickers for my laptop, courtesy a lot of companies visiting the conference for promotions. I did talk to (not) a lot of people and exchanged random thoughts. It was really nice to meet some TinyOwl folks! Also, I enjoyed my yet-another-short-stay in Bangalore.

Looking forward to the next adventure!